Thursday, April 27, 2006

O! Wretched Idol -- Myself

"Except men martyr and slay the body of sin, in sanctified self-denial, they shall never be Christ’s martyrs and faithful witnesses. O if I could be master of that house-idol, myself, mine own, mine own wit, will, credit, and ease, how blessed were I! O but we have need to be redeemed from ourselves, rather than from the devil and the world. Learn to put out yourselves, and to put in Christ for yourselves. I should make a sweet bargain, and give old for new, if I could shuffle out self, and substitute Christ my Lord in place of myself; to say, not I, but Christ; not my will, but Christ’s; not my ease, not my lusts, not my credit, but Christ, Christ. - O wretched idol, myself, when shall I see thee wholly decourted, and Christ wholly put in thy room? O if Christ had the full place and room of myself, that all aims, purposes, thoughts and desires would coast and land upon Christ, and not upon myself."

From Fountain of Life Opened Up, by John Flavel.


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