Saturday, April 29, 2006

Ah! , What a Life is the Life of a Christian

This is the marriage covenant, Hosea 3:3. 'Thou shall be for me, and not for another; so will I be for thee.' Ah, what a life is the life of a Christian; Christ all for you, and you all for him. Blessed exchange!

Soul, (saith Christ) all I have is thine.

Lord, (saith the soul) and all I have is thine.

Soul, (saith Christ) my person is wonderful, but what I am, I am for thee: my life was spent in labour and travail, but lived for thee.

And Lord, (saith the believers) my person is vile, and not worth thy accepting; but such as it is, it is thine; my soul, with all and every faculty; my body, and every member of it, my gifts, time, and all my talents are thine.

From Fountain of Life Opened Up, by John Flavel.


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